Character Profile: RODRIGUEZ

The first main character of my webcomic concept - Tio is a police officer newly graduated from the academy. He has wanted to be a detective for as long as he can remember, and is willing to work hard to get there. Unfortunately, not everything goes to plan when he is forced to become the... Continue Reading →

Daily Drabble no.3 – Fond Memories

Her mother's hands were always cool. True healer's hands, they cradled feverish foreheads and soothed flushed cheeks. Agnes remembers tripping over the clumsy back step at three; the smarting pain and the blooming bruise bleeding onto her pink skin like a blot of purple-ing ink. Her mother was the only one who could quell the... Continue Reading →

Daily Drabble no.2 – What it Means

Arin learns what it means to be a man after he sees his first battle - - ┬áred rivers run into the cracks of the earth, all spilling from broken, shattered things; they were treasures to somebody. The fissures, like porcelain, are a flaw in the living artwork that makes the human race finite. He... Continue Reading →

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